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TG Grade 3 Classify Angles

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Unit Name: Geometry in Sports

Unit Length: 6 weeks

Overview: Classify Angles with sports time


TEKS and SEs

TEKS 3.8

Identify classify and describe two and three dimensional geometric figures by their attributes. Compare two dimensional figures or both by their attributes using formal geometry vocabulary.


Tell and write time shown on analog and digital clocks.

Critical Vocabulary

Right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle, ray, angle, vertex, perpendicular, patty paper, pencil,  

Enduring Understandings (Big Ideas)

Students identify the difference between right, acute and obtuse angles in relation to a clock face with telling time. 

Essential Questions

How do you know if the angle is 90 degrees?


Learning Goals and Objectives

Student will identify the difference between a right angle, acute angle, and obtuse angle on a clock face.

Materials Needed

Protractor, angles black line master, pipe cleaner, mini analog clock faces, premade self checking digital clock face cards with analog angles on the back


Performance Tasks

-Students use pipe cleaner and patty paper to demonstrate knowledge of angles.

-Students classify three different angle types.

Students demonstrate angle knowledge using a clock face.

-Students identify angles in comparison to a right angle and get a direct feedback



Other Evidence







Sts view United Streaming ; Discovery Education video 4:37min. Lines and Angles in real life environment. http://search.discoveryeducation.com/e.

Sts build an obtuse angle which is more than 90 degrees and an acute angle which is less than 90 degrees.



Sts fold patty paper with T guidance to explore the different right angles and use as a visual aid to compare the other angles on the clock face.

Sts work together using the mini clock faces and premade analog clock time cards to show different angles.




Sts sort and classify the angles of time found on the clock faces into angle group’s right angle, acute angles, and obtuse angles.


Sts identify the acute angle 1:00, 2:00, 10:00, 11:00 right angle, 3:00, 9:00, obtuse angle, 4:00, 5:00, 7:00, 8:00



Sts play show me game with teacher and show angle names on dry erase board when the teacher shows an analog time on her clock.



5 minutes






















Sts play the show me game with a partner and make up their own times and identify the angles.

Sts are given the starting and ending time of a sports event. They will identify the measurement of each angle as shown on the clock and then find the difference in the size of the two angles.



Have student use a series of clock faces on paper and draw individually the different times and write the angle names for each one.




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