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9 Lesson Plans

Page history last edited by Diana McMillian 10 years, 3 months ago

In this lesson, students will use mirrors to explore symmetry and identify and create shapes that have symmetry. 

Symmetry_lesson 1_Youngok.doc


In this lesson, students will learn about the life cycle and ecology of monarch butterflies and make a project illustrating two of the stages of the life cycle of monarch butterflies. 

Life Cycle of Butterfly_lesson 2_Youngok.doc



In this lesson students take a nature walk to observe and document patterns in nature.  Students will create slides which will be viewed in the microscope.  Students will film and document their learning experience with a flip digital recorder and digital camera.

Beyond Butterflies1_McMillan.doc




In this lesson, students will use natural objects to create patterns inspired by the artist and photographer, Andy Goldsworthy. 

5E Lesson Plan_McMillan #2 Art.doc



Explore and identify the patterns on plants and leaves.

5E_plant patterns.doc


Explore and identify the patterns on various insects

5E_insect patterns.doc

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