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GM-Lesson Plans

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5 E Lesson Plans



Week 1 - Tuesday:  Freedom Quilts

Students will learn how quilts were used in American to help African-Americans escape to freedom.

5E Lesson Plan-Freedom Quilt.doc



Week 1 - Thursday: Disappearing Ink

Students will learn how ink is made up of different colors.




Week 2- Thursday: Dissolvable Thread

Students will learn what quilters use to stitch the pieces together by using a soluble thread.

5E lesson - Dissolvable Thread.docx  


Week 3 - Monday: Angles

Students will learn and compare angles.

Angles LessonSP2010.doc  



Week 3 - Tuesday:  Polygons

Students will be able to name, describe, and compare polygons.

5E Lesson Plan-polygons.doc


Week 3 - Friday: Line of Symmetry

Students will be able to define and create a line of symmetry

.GM 5 E Lesson- Line of Symmetry.docx







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