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TG - Background Information

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Where can Geometry be found in the World of Sports?


Rationale: Sports is an area of the modern world that reaches across all barriers.  People of different races, genders, religions, economic resources, and education levels can all relate through the language of sports. Sports are intrinsically interesting to students of all ages.  Using sports as the vehicle to introduce the important concepts of geometry, allows for a high level of engagement for all students.  Many students will be surprised to find how much more is involved in their favorite pastimes and will be drawn into all aspects of this sports themed unit.


Language Arts: During the course of this five week unit, students will investigate the characteristics of non-fiction text with a focus on biographies.  They will also participate in two research projects. One group project will focus on the history of a sport.  Each group will research the historical background of their sports and create a Powerpoint presentation depicting  the highlights in the development of the sport and its origin. The individual project will focus on the life of a famous athlete. Students will read and write biographies.  Students will then work in groups to develop a "sport" of their own.  The culminating project for the unit will have the students create their own team sport including rules, equipment, and playing field.


Math: The focus will be on 2-dimensional geometry through the exploration of different sports fields and equipment.  Students will be asked to identify attributes of polygons, determine symmetry and congruence, and develop concepts of angles.  Each lesson provided incorporates the mathematics of geometry in the world of sports.


Science: The focus for science will be physical science.  Students will investigate the concepts of force and motion in relation to the different equipment used in sports.  Students will discover the physical attributes of balls that make them ideal for their respective sports.  They will include the concepts of density, buoyancy, mass, friction, and force. 


Physical Education: Students will have the opportunity to play some of the sports that they are researching.  They will also have the opportunity to play their self-created sports. 


Technology: Students will use technology to reinforce concepts learned, explore geometric properties, and to conduct research.

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